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To the best of my recollection about 4’oclock in the morning being the 19th of April, the five front companies were ordered to load, which they did….It was at Lexington when we saw one of their companies drawn up in regular order. Major Pitcairn of the Marines second in command called them to disperse, but their not seeming willing, he desired us to mind our places which we did when they gave us a fire, the run off to get behind a wall. We had one man wounded in our company in the leg, his name was Johnson. Also, Major Pitcairn’s horse was shot in the flank; we returned their salute, and before we proceeded on our march from Lexington, I believe we killed and wounded either 7 or 8 men. 

Ensign Jeremy Lister, youngest of the British officers at Lexington, in a personal narrative written in 1782.