Ancient Egypt WebQuest





The following questions will explore mummification, pyramid building, King Tut’s curse and cats in ancient Egypt.  Using the suggested internet sites, research the questions and hand in your completed answer sheets by the due date. 

1.    Mummification: Use the websites listed below to answer the following questions.
            Egyptian Mummies | Two Stages of Mummification - click on both the embalming and the wrapping link.

            a)    How long did the mummification process take? - Hint 
            b)    What was the first step in the mummification process? - Hint
            c)    Why was the heart left inside the body? - Hint
            d)    What was placed in canopic jars? - Hint What four gods were associated with the canopic jars? - Hint or Hint
            e)    How was all the moisture removed e body? - Hint
            f)     What was the next step after all the moisture was removed from the body? - Hint
            g)    What material is painted on the bandages to glue them together? - Hint
            h)    What were the amulets meant to protect against? - Hint or Hint
             i)    Why did the Egyptians practice mummification? - Hint

           Once you have completed these questions put your knowledge to the test with the mummy maker at - 
             Mummy Maker

           Find out just what it would cost to have your body mummified nowadays at - 
             Mummification of Transference

2.    Pyramids: Use the websites listed below to answer the following questions.
            Pyramids at Giza | The Construction of the Pyramids | Step Pyramid

            a)    What method was probably used to construct the pyramids? - Hint
            b)    Who built them? - Hint Which ancient Greek historian started a false rumor concerning the people 
                    who built the pyramids? - Hint
            c)    What architect gained fame by building the first pyramid? - Hint
            d)    What is the “bent” pyramid? - Hint
            e)    What is the largest pyramid ever built? - Hint
            f)     How many stones did it take to build? How much did the stones weigh? - Hint
            g)    What pharaoh built the last of the great pyramids?  Why was it the last? - Hint

          Put your pyramid knowledge to the test! Can you complete the pharaoh’s tomb? Take the pyramid challenge at
            Pyramid Challenge

3.    King Tutankhamen’s Curse: Use the websites listed below to answer the following questions.
            The Curse of Tut's Mummy | The Curse of King Tut's Tomb 

            a)    Why would King Tutankhamun’s tomb be protected by a curse? - Hint What did the curse say? - Hint
            b)    What object was found in Tutankhamen’s that suggested there was a curse? - Hint
            c)    Who was the first person to die as a result of “the curse”? - Hint
            d)    Of the people present at the opening of Tutankhamen’s tomb, how many died within 10 years? - Hint
            e)    Besides the curse, what are other possible explanations for the deaths? - Hint
            f)     Is the curse is fact or fiction? Why do you think so? - Hint

4.    Cat’s in ancient Egypt: Use the websites listed below to answer the following questions.
            The Cat in Ancient Egypt | Ancient Egyptian Kitten Skeletons | Egyptian Animals | 
            Egyptian Animal Mummies | Cat Museum

            a)    When were cats domesticated in Egypt? - Hint
            b)    What did cats actually do for the ancient Egyptians? - Hint
            c)    What does it mean if someone sees a cat in a dream? - Hint
            d)    Given the information in the websites, why do you think the Egyptians mummified cats? - Hint